Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Spring must haves for the everyday lady!

According to Bianca Jean-Pierre for ladies, you've got 3 main items to pick up!

#1 black & white is the move! As classic as it sounds it's actually a trend come next spring n u better make it pop!

#2 is the bomber/motorcycle jacket
Now this is when classic meets trend. The motorcycle jacket has never gone out of style, but now it is going to be a trend. Which means it will b in every store and in every size. This is one of those trends u may want to skip a year or two on if u pride yourself on being one of the people who don't follow trends. Otherwise we will see you a forever21.

#3denim on denim
Now who knew? I personally hate the look n I DO NOT endorse it. I just think it's too matchy matchy n on men it looks like a jail jump suit. #ijs

For more on this topic and to read te whole article:

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