Monday, December 31, 2012

Amanda Rone is #styled

My close friend, client, actor, and dancer Amanda Rone will be attending Kevin Hart's comedy show for NYE n wanted to look the part so she called on none other than #mrpr and I got the job done! My friend looks amazing! Happy new year!

Lanvin announces new BMX sneaker!

From its Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, Lanvin presents the new BMX Sneaker. Now I don't know much about BMX riding but I'd definitely where these! I endorse these sneakers! The accent on the back gives exactly what's needed to make this shoe pop yet keep it simple and classic.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stella Mcartney, The it designer!

As we all know celebs always want to look their best and always are scoping for the best designers. This year all the ladies ran to Stella McCartney! When she first started her fashion career many feared she would fizzle out living behind her father, the great Paul McCartney. She proved everyone wrong! You've seen beyonce, brandy, Alicia keys, and many more! We say keep up the good work!

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2013 Spring must haves for the everyday lady!

According to Bianca Jean-Pierre for ladies, you've got 3 main items to pick up!

#1 black & white is the move! As classic as it sounds it's actually a trend come next spring n u better make it pop!

#2 is the bomber/motorcycle jacket
Now this is when classic meets trend. The motorcycle jacket has never gone out of style, but now it is going to be a trend. Which means it will b in every store and in every size. This is one of those trends u may want to skip a year or two on if u pride yourself on being one of the people who don't follow trends. Otherwise we will see you a forever21.

#3denim on denim
Now who knew? I personally hate the look n I DO NOT endorse it. I just think it's too matchy matchy n on men it looks like a jail jump suit. #ijs

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Today @onechurchla I ran into Jason McGee who caught my fashion eye! He was sporting my favorite look of fashion on a budget!

Jacket: H&M
Jeans: Levi
Boots: Aldo
Hat: Mr. McGee wouldn't give up that secret!

Either way, we love the look!

You can follow him on Instagram: iamjasonmcgee

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jay-z Rocks new Kevin Durant sneaks

Jay-Z switched up from his usual retro Jordans and brought out Kevin Durant's new signature shoe while shopping with wife Beyonce. Although we're use to seeing Jigga in his Jays it was a nice sight to catch him in KD's. Check out the pics from the spotting and let us know what you think of his footwear choice.

By: Damien R for

Kanye West crowned best dressed male of 2012 by Global Grind

Just released! Global grinds 12 best dressed men of 2012. By: Jason Brooks

And the number 1 spot goes to none other than Mr. west himself. Say what you want about Yeezy but the guys got style. I'm not endorsing kilts, but ill definitely sport many other looks inspired by my fellow Mr. Congrats Kanye!

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Rachael Zoe gives her 2 cent on NYE fashion

Putting the finishing touches on your New Year’s Eve ensemble? Whether you’re getting ready to dance the night away or if you’re just having a low-key hangout with a few friends, Rachel Zoe has a few style tips for you. The stylist dished up a whole bunch of helpful and fashionable tips to In Style for making sure that your New Year’s Eve is the best night ever. Read on for all the deets!

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Lauren Conrad gives NYE Fashion Tips

Lauren Conrad has shared some style inspiration for New Year's Eve party dressing.

The reality TV star-turned-fashion designer revealed her top tips for looking fabulous as you welcome in 2013.

Lauren has explained how to revamp a classic little black dress, a red frock or a sparkly mini dress.

"There are only a few days left until the ball drops on 2013 so to get your New Year started on a stylish note, I thought I'd put together this Style Guide," Lauren shared on her official website.

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The Four P's: Surving College!

Well well well Finally I find someone who agrees with me that you can definitely look good without spending a whole lot of money! Especially while in school! I myself am a graduate of Claflin University in Orangeburg,SC. Class of '09!

While going through my google alerts I stumbled across a girl named Paige Nash who is currently a college student and wrote an article called "The Four P's." The article begins as if Nash was just gonna tell you how to blow your money when things take a turn and instead she's really teaching you how to save and make it so you can GO SHOPPING! But you will also shop the right the way!

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Friday, December 28, 2012


Actress Taundra spotted @blackaids_insitute Kwanzaa celebration & fundraiser.

Over coat: Adrienne Landau
Dress: Zara
Watch: Casio Classic

You can follow her on Instagram: chaaaaani

Azealia Banks calls fashion industry fickle!

Azealia Banks might be one of fashion’s newest music obsessions–but the feeling is not mutual.

Speaking to online music magazine HYPETRAK in a video segment, Banks said, “If you place your faith in the fashion world you will get let down as an artist. You absolutely will get let down.”

Despite the fact that she was embraced early on in her career by fashion VIPs like Karl Lagerfeld and Nicola Formichetti, and despite the fact that “212″ was the unofficial anthem of fashion week a few seasons ago, Banks said all the attention was hurting–not helping–her music career.

“I think that too much fashion attention as an artist can actually smother you, and it can actually really, really distract form your music,” the rapper said. “I almost got there with it where…I was this fashion darling. And I was putting out records and the only record anyone would listen to was ’212,’ that was the only Azealia Banks record people would listen to.”

“You can very easily get sucked up by the fashion world,” she continued. “Because they bring artists in to make themselves look a certain way. [But] then as soon as someone new comes up they’ve completely forgotten about you. They’re so fickle, they’ve completely forgotten about you, and they completely disregard you.”

Something to think about!

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Roland Mouret Fashion Designer Re-Launches Famed 'Galaxy' Style Dress

Fashion designer Roland Mouret has relaunched his famed 'Galaxy' dress considers by many to be 'dress of the decade.'
The designer known for his 'awarness of sensuality, and creating 'irresistible' dresses originally launched his brand in 2006. His 'Galaxy' dress was considered 'dress of the season,' by Vogue magazine due to Hollywood celebrities wearing them everywhere. The designer soon parted ways with his backers losing the name 'Roland Mouret' brand due to 'managerial differences.'

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Check out Bridget Sullivan!

It's been a good year for emerging Fashion/Costume Designer & Musician Bridget Sullivan. A 2012 graduate of Detroit's CCS (College for Creative Studies) Fiber Arts/Fashion Studies program. Her Blog and unique garments caught the attention of Jazz Instrumentalist Esperanza Spauldings wardrobe stylist last year. Since then Bridget's one-of-a-kind dresses have been worn by the artist for public appearances and also on tour around the world.

Check out her blog:

Photos by Dan hallas courtesy of (The Bridget Sullivan Show)